What sites do you set and optimize?

We set up and optimize your Google Business, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Realtor.com, Zillow and Homes.com

What happens after my score goes up?

The relationship does not have to end after we set you up.

We provide group coaching and online courses in RealGrader University. Tune in monthly on the Live Call or watch the replays. Contact us anytime for support. Join us and engage in the Facebook Community.

Are you going to post for me?

Our work to set up and optimize your social media profiles does not include posting on your behalf. Instead, we train you on best practices for posting and engagement during our monthly webinars. We now also offer a premium service called Done For You. If you are interested let us know.

Who do I call when I need to make changes on my business profiles?

We have a simple way to send us your requests for changes as well as any support questions. Please email support@erealtymedia.com and send us your request. Your request will be assigned a support ticket and you will be able to track progress on when to expect a response.

Do I lose my profiles, reviews and artwork if I transition to a new office?

All the work we do to build your profile stays with you regardless of what office you are associated with. Your active monthly subscription includes us making updates on the information and branding of your profiles.

What is a technology coach?

At Real Grader, a technology coach is your go to person who has extensive training and experience on the subjects or digital marketing, social media, online advertising and current trends in the online world.

How long will it take for Real Grader to update and build all my business profiles?

Once you have your call with your real estate technology coach and we have gathered the information to complete your profiles we can complete all 9 profiles within 60 business days. We will complete 5 profiles within 30 business days and the remaining four profiles in the next 30 business days. We are often able to complete your profiles sooner. In the meanwhile please join our Facebook group and attend or watch the replays of our recorded monthly calls at RealGrader University.

I have a friend. How can I refer them to you?

Referring friends who can benefit from our services is simple and easy. You can simply provide them our phone number, 516.600.0102 or email address, hello@realgrader.com. We will provide one month of service for you for each referral.

I’m still overwhelmed. How can I learn more about growing my online presence?

We offer you many options including one-one-coaching as well as ongoing training for RealGrader subscribers. We also offer done for you social media marketing services. Also, feel free to contact us to get notified next time we have an in person presentation or a training webinar.

I am new in the business, why should I use your service?

It is a perfect service for new agents as your online reputation and branding is important when getting your first clients. First impressions are everything. Our services are designed to provide you with a strong foundation on the world of social media, search engine optimization and branding. We can help you get a strong stat by making sure you get all your profiles to be professional, complete, and optimized for your market.

Do you help with Search Engine Optimization?

Yes. We have been in the business for more than 17 years doing the work that helped many top performers with their websites by doing effective SEO. We have plans you can choose from and a simple process to get started. Simply contact us to discuss your SEO goals.

Do you offer other services?

Yes, we offer many services including professional real estate websites, custom designs, marketing training, social media training and more.

Do you offer training?

We offer two types of training. One is via webinars for RealGrader Subscribers and the other is via one-on-one coaching. Contact us for details.

I want to use other services. Are your products compatible with all vendors?

Yes, and this is determined on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Do you have examples of customers that bought your services?

Yes, please visit our website https://www.realgrader.com/client-reviews/ to see real life examples of customers we currently work with.

Do you write my bios and all content on my profiles?

We can help with your bio and all the various details required on each profile. Your bio will be a team effort between our recommendations and coaching. If it requires additional work we offer a bio writing service add on.

What can I expect once I make a payment and become a subscriber

We will contact you upon your scheduled time and discuss with you all that our team will delivers. We will answer your questions and help you with any information that we need in order to take the load off of your hands and have our team take care of it for you.