One-day Social Media Workshop

JOIN US MARCH 29, 2019
Woodbury, NY – The Inn at Fox Hollow
Cost: $290
Limited to 20 VIP Agents
(Includes Lunch and Workbook)


Lesson 1: Your Reputation is On the Line and Online

  • The Customer Journey
  • See What Your Customers See When They Google Your Name
  • Learn How to Improve Your Reputation on Google and Social Media
  • Implement Ways to Get More Reviews
  • Understand Your Grade and What it Really Means

Lesson 2: Implementing Social Media For Your Business

  • Why Social Media?
  • What are the Benefits?
  • Learn New Tools for Social Media
  • Social Media Success Stories
  • Better Understand the Social Media Platforms
  • Learn the Many Uses of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube

    Lesson 3: Leverage Social Media To Grow Your Business

    • Social Media Sales Success Tactics
    • The Strategic Planning Process
    • Setting Your Vision
    • Learn About Targeting and Segmenting
    • Goals, Objectives, and KPI’s
    • Social Media Plans that work
    • Save Time and Get Results Quickly

      Lesson 4: Engaging and Connecting with Your Audience

      • Build and Engage Your Audience Easily
      • Ask the Right Questions
      • Connect the People in Your Phone with your Social Media Accounts
      • Your Active Contacts vs. Your Passive Database
      • Constant Active Communication with Your Sphere
      • Increase Your Referrals through Social Media
      • Leverage and Analyze Social Influence
      • Build Successful Partnerships

        Lesson 5: Content Marketing in the Social Space

        • Learn How Content and Social Media Work Together
        • Content Curation and Reposting
        • Making Content Marketing Social 
        • Key Types of Content to Create
        • There is No Shortage of Content
        • Content Distribution and Content Scheduling
        • When and How Often to Post Content
        • Building Content for Multiple Platforms

          Lesson 6: Going Live on Social Media and Video Tools You Want to Know About

          • The Many Uses of Video for Social
          • Hands on Workshop – Facebook Live
          • Hands on Workshop – Instagram Live
          • Instagram TV – Intro to Instagram TV
          • Discover The Best Video Editing Apps

            Lesson 7: The Real Estate Professional ToolKit

            • Discover the Greatest Free Apps For Social Growth
            • Discover the Best Free Websites for Marketing Tools
            • Experiment Live with The Favorites

              Lesson 8: Social Media ROI

              • Baseline Metrics to Measure 
              • How to Calculate Social Media ROI 
              • Social Media Metrics 
              • Measurement and Objectives 

                Lesson 9: Be The Best Version of Yourself Online – Your Marketing Overhaul

                • First Impressions are Everything
                • Learn the Things they Don’t Teach You About Your Profiles
                • Maximize Your Real Estate Profiles
                • Learn about other important Real Estate Profiles for Your Market

                  Lesson 10: Real Estate Tech Help

                  • Ask Questions on Technology
                  • Eliminate Frustration with Solutions and Support
                  • Eliminate Common Mistakes and Save Time
                  • Reduce Your Stress, Expand Your Digital Footprint and Focus on the Business of Real Estate

                    JOIN US FEBRUARY 28, 2019
                    Woodbury, NY – The Inn at Fox Hollow
                    Cost: $290
                    Limited to 20 VIP Agents
                    (Includes Lunch and Workbook)