What's Included

Three Live Monthly Coaching Calls with Our National Speakers and Performance Coaches

We will be hosting three monthly webinars. One will be presented by our very own co-founder Alex Montalenti. These calls will give you the juice to stay on track

Access to Monthly Expert Webinars

You will have access to replay all the monthly expert webinars. All webinars are archived for future viewing for our members and can be accessed through your dashboard.

Instant Access to VIP Training

You will have VIP access from your Instacard Dashboard to the videos that we recommend and the best training we have created for you.

Over 50 Hours of Videos and Training On Demand

There will be hours and hours of videos and training on all of the marketing areas including Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, and Real Estate Profiles. We even cover Tik Tok.

Private Facebook Community with Top Real Estate Influencers

Join our community of top real estate influencers including agents who are seeing results from all over the country at various brands. Learn, work and network with the best of the best.

250+ Pages of eBooks, Worksheets, Checklists

We have guidebooks on every subject that is relevant to digital marketing. We have checklists for what you need to do. We have templates that you can use in your business and with your team.

Five LIVE Weekly Support Zoom Rooms

We offer LIVE support weekly on Zoom. Our VIP support Zoom rooms are going to be magic for you. This is where you can join and can get the support you need to get all your questions answered. Support is not what it used to be in the world. This is the opportunity to chat with a expert live on zoom, face to face and get your questions answered. Just raise your hand and we are there to help.

Monthly Download of 30 Posts Ready to Go

We will create beautiful professional content for you to use and we will tell you which post to use each day. These posts can be used by anyone in the group and we will not only give you the graphic but we will give you the copy and the hashtags to use.

​Customizable Email Signatures

We want you to have a solid listing presentation so we will give you flyers that you can customize with your info. These flyers will showcase you as the go to agent in your market. How you rock on Google and how you have reviews on all platforms. How you are an influencer online to help you win listings.

Digital Business Card Training

We want you to get the most out of your digital business card. We will train you on the latest features. We will show you how to add the menu items that make sense. We will help you get leads with your digital card and how to connect with more people and get more reviews.